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Weekly Covid-19 information and travel update

Weekly Covid-19 information and travel update

   Dutch Business Association Vietnam
July 13, 2021
  Executive Director Remarks  
Dear NVCC members, 
The impact of the Directive 16 has been much more severe than I had expected. This has to do with the very strict enforcement (a friend walking her dog got fined 2 million) of the Directive, and with the fact that, as an addendum to the directive, food delivery and takeout is difficult. Since Grab and other delivery services are shut.
Also, supermarkets are very strict, only allowing a limited number of people in at the same time.   The crisis in Vietnam will only be over once herd immunity is reached through a vaccination campaign. Until herd immunity is reached, the situation will remain highly uncertain, with localities and cities living from lockdown to lockdown. Vaccines are going slow, with HCMC being prioritized, but I think it won’t be until the end of the year before we see all restrictions end and have life back in Vietnam as before May. 
It is possible that foreigners will be prioritized and added to the priority list – that is one of the lobby points of EuroCham and AmCham. 
Regarding quarantine times, there is overall consensus that the 21+7 days needs to be replaced with something more workable soon.
Around Halong Bay, there will be a pilot this month with 7-day quarantine for fully vaccinated people, and if the results are good, it is expected that it will be implemented in Ho Chi Minh City in September. 
The current government measures are a heavy burden, but the WHO is supporting the Vietnamese government’s measures. So although all this is a very heavy burden on many of our members and relations, experts say they are for the better. 
Many members of DBAV and EuroCham now consider spending the summer in The Netherlands.
Hence, we see an increase in enquiries for our entry permit service. Feel free to contact us to discuss the case of you and your family.  Lastly, I recommend all members to attend EuroCham’s vaccination campaign updates. Check the report of last Monday’s webinar here

Take care, Guido van Rooy – Executive Director Dutch Business Association Vietnam


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