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Events November 2020

Vietnam’s economy weathers the COVID-19 storm — good policy or luck?

Source: Suiwah Leung, ANU , East Asia Forum, 6 October 2020

Vietnam’s economy and people are often described as ‘resilient’. Nowhere is this more befitting than in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. After successfully tackling COVID-19, Vietnam still recorded 1.8 per cent GDP growth during the first half of 2020 despite negative growth in most parts of the world.

According to the World Bank’s July 2020 Taking Stock report, Vietnam’s recent economic performance is a result of its twin engines of growth — export demand and domestic consumption — firing sequentially during the first two quarters of 2020.

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Vietnam continues its miracle through higher education

Source: James Borton, Modern Diplomacy, 13 October 2020

Vietnam’s declaration to open up,in mid-June 2020 was hailed around the world as a model in the fight against the Covid 19 pandemic. For Mali student, Aolama Mallé and his classmates, the announcement was more than good. They are students of the International Francophone Institute (IFI), a member of Vietnam National University, the largest higher education system in the country. As universities re-opened, they could now return to the traditional face-to-face classroom learning with professors and friends since all were weary from boring e-learning and the draconian pandemic control measures imposed by the government.

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Vietnam: ASEAN’s New De Facto Leader?

Source: Try Ananto Wicaksono, The Asian Post, 17 October 2020

Vietnam, as the current Chair of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) for 2020, has been actively involved with the association since 1995 when it joined the bloc with the aim of bringing all Southeast Asian countries together to promote regional peace, freedom, and prosperity. 

Vietnam has been making great strides in projecting itself as an effective leader, particularly with its proactive governance in handling the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change policy, and for its political stability. There has been recent speculation regarding Vietnam taking-up the role as new de facto leader of ASEAN. 

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VEIL: Covid confirms Vietnam as manufacturing power

Source: Investment trust Insider, 14 Oct 2020

Vietnam has continued to strengthen its presence in Asian manufacturing this year, suggesting increasing interest in ‘reshoring’ presents little threat to the country’s frenetic growth, Dragon Capital’s Dominic Scriven has said.

The coronavirus pandemic has focused executives on supply chain security, a theme that had already been nurtured by the ongoing US-China trade war, opening up the possibility of more manufacturing moving back to western economies.

The founder of Dragon Capital, which runs £983m investment trust Vietnam Enterprise Investments (VEIL), was clear that Vietnam’s prospects would be damaged if globalisation reversed. The trust enjoyed its 25-year anniversary last month, making the managers one of the oldest and largest foreign investors in the country, having set up shop after former US President Bill Clinton lifted US trade embargo in 1994.  

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